• Single page website
  • Straight to the point
  • SEO & Socially integratee
  • Reskin options available
  • 30 days support*


  • Multi page website
  • Ideal for medium to large business
  • SEO & Scoially integrated
  • Self managed
  • 30 days support*


  • Sell online
  • Wide customer reach
  • Secure payments
  • SEO & Scoially integrated
  • Self managed
  • 90 days support*


  • Web Application
  • Self manged
  • Ideal for specialist needs
  • Custom build
  • 12 months support*




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Web Content Strategy

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James Cook University Brisbane

Sarina Russo White House

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Gzuru is a full service technology solutions provider.

After privately servicing many clients who would often recount previous web design and development experiences with agencies and contractors, to say "There has to be an easier way". At that point, it was apparent that this was Gzuru's problem to solve, and Gzuru was born.

Gzuru recognises the tremendous technical and logistics problems associated with bring business ideas to life, particularly when you get to the online part, and it's no walk in the park if you're new to it, but it doesn't have to be like this. This is where Gzuru steps in.

The longest journey, starts with the first step, so tell Gzuru, five pieces of information, and we can get started.

  • What do you do?
  • Your idea (under NDA naturally)
  • Goals. Is this a quick fix? If this the beginning of something big?
  • Timeframe
  • Budget

Talk to you soon.